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1-6-03 Hope you had a killer time over the Holidays!!!,Still been too busy to finish our other site at VOLUMEROCKS.com soon,soon, I promise......

This year is going to be happening for VOLUME. We already have a bunch of things falling into place that we are excited about. First off our debut CDEP "REquesting Permission To Land" will be released in the states at the end of Febuary through Madroad Recordings. The CD will have slightly different packaging and a booklet w/ Lyrics and photos that the High Beam version doesn't have. Hellride Music has the import CD for ONLY $8.99. To kick off the release we are having a CD release show Jan 25th at the Liquid Den. check the shows pg for more info

We Have VOLUME T Shirts!!! you can get them at Hellride Music

Then sometime in Febuary we are going into the studio to record "Drivin' On Holy Gasoline" for the Zodiac Mindwarp tribute brought to you by the sleazy fucks at Devil Doll Records and Sleazegrinder... some other bands included on the comp will be Generous Maria, Nixon Now, Rickshaw and more. This will be our first recording w/ Cas (ex Tummler) so we are really looking foward to it!!!!

Ill save the rest of the stuff for later, but just a quick note it looks as though we finally have a "Real" booking agent. Ill let you know as soon as everything is confirmed. If everything works out we should be hitting the road alot starting late Febuary.....